Shimano XT DI2 LINKGLIDE 1x11 upgrade kit for EP801/EP600 6p. ***FREE SHIP***

$ 769.00

This listing is for one brand new 6-piece eMTB drivetrain kit’s notes:

This upgrade kit provides the hardware required for you to upgrade your eMTB to XT DI2 LinkGlide and use Shimano's new "Autoshift" and "Free-shift" ride modes 


1) An eMTB with a Shimano EP801 or EP600 motor (unfortunately EP800 will not work) 

2) A rear hub or wheel with a Shimano 11-speed HG (Hyperglide) free hub 

3) A front chainrings that can accept a 11-speed chain 

Setup steps:

1) You will need to either take the bike to an Shimano authorized service center to change the motor settings from 12-speed to "11-speed electronic" at that point error codes will clear and the DI2 derailleur and shifter can be used and new ride modes will be available 

(this can also be done with 3rd party app "eMaxMobile" IOS or Android - we have no connection to this service) 

2) settings can be configured via Shimano's "eTubes" app 

The cassette mounts to a standard 11-speed MTB hyper-glide free-hub 

What’s in the box?

1x CS-LG700-11 LINKGLIDE Cassette 11-speed (11-50T) 

1x SHIMANO DEORE XT Di2 Right Shift Switch

1x SHIMANO DEORE XT Di2 Rear Derailleur 1x11-speed

1x CN-LG500 11-speed LINKGLIDE Chain

2x EW-SD300 wires (see pics for wiring diagram for shifter and rear derailleur)


aftermarket retail packaging - including manuals

full manufacturer warranty

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Manufacturer Specs:

LINKGLIDE delivers seamless shifting and pedaling performance that's made to last.

LINKGLIDE will support stress-free riding and ownership experiences for evolving bike types and riding styles for years to come. It is an exceptionally durable drivetrain built to stand up to persistent daily wear and provide enduring shifting and pedaling performance for multi-purpose bikes and high-torque e-bikes.

The robustly engineered cassette design shifts up and down gears seamlessly while significantly reducing drivetrain wear. LINKGLIDE is the ultimate utility drivetrain that delivers long-lasting performance.

LINKGLIDE Key Features

  • Smooth and decisive shifting and pedaling performance that's made to last. 
  • Optimized shifting gate design.
  • Robust cassette teeth resist damage when shifting and driving under high torque. 

LINKGLIDE consistently delivers smoother, more even pedaling while shifting that you can barely feel at your feet.

LINKGLIDE's optimized shifting gate design that creates a smoother handoff between cogs to avoid the jumps that can impact shifting and pedaling smoothness. This design improvement is especially pronounced on outward shifts where pedaling shock is more noticeable due to the larger forces involved.

Drivetrain durability is essential for high torque e-bikes and daily riders who might ride in the same gear for months or years at a time. LINKGLIDE provides smooth and decisive shifting that lasts longer than ever before. 

LINKGLIDE's re-designed cassette teeth have a substantially thicker base and a unique chamfer that drastically improves wear resistance in high torque applications. This increase in cassette durability prolongs smooth driving performance and lengthens the amount of time before chain skips caused by wear start to happen. 


  • Drive longer without chain skips
  • Far slower decline in shifting performance

SHIMANO LINKGLIDE Cassette 11-speed


NEW-Rider-tuned gear steps and lightweight materials deliver durable shifting performance


Aluminum spider significantly reduces cassette weight

Go further with smooth and long-lasting e-biking performance

Up to three times the durability of HYPERGLIDE in high chain tension conditions

Smooth 2-way shifting (inward and outward) with reduced pedal shock

SHIMANO DEORE XT Di2 Right Shift Switch


Ergonomic Di2 shifting switch with adjustable paddles and I-SPEC EV helps keep your focus on the trail.

The all-new DEORE XT SW-M8150-R shifting switch empowers quick and instinctive shifting for focused riding and racing. Take control of your ride with its adjustable paddle and easily customizable buttons. The light yet responsive button clicks over rough terrain eliminate second-guessing for greater confidence and flow.



  • Easy and intuitive access lever with short stroke for quick and responsive operation
  • Individually adjust each paddle to match your riding style and preferences
  • Light, yet responsive click feeling for precise shifting over rough terrain
  • Customize shifting input and multi shift settings with E-TUBE PROJECT
  • Extra button for quickly selecting AUTO SHIFT or manual shift settings
  • Power directly supplied from main STEPS battery
  • Connect directly to STEPS via E-TUBE cable EW-SD300

SHIMANO DEORE XT Di2 Rear Derailleur 1x11-speed


E-MTB optimized 11-speed Di2 rear derailleur with game-changing AUTO SHIFT WITH MANUAL OVERRIDE and FREE SHIFT functionality.

The all-new DEORE XT RD-M8150 11-speed rear derailleur combines race-proven quality with Shimano original technologies to help keep you flowing and focused on the right line. The new E-MTB optimized design allows full integration with SHIMANO E-Bike Systems and LINKGLIDE drivetrains to unlock entirely new functionality. This system integration allows innovative features like AUTO SHIFT WITH MANUAL OVERRIDE and FREE SHIFT. It's a simpler, more pure E-MTB experience only possible through the fusion of drivetrain engineering, e-bike system components, and electronic shifting intelligence.



  • AUTO SHIFT WITH MANUAL OVERRIDE uses an advanced shifting algorithm to continually analyze data from multiple sensors to automatically put you in the optimal gear without requiring manual input at the shifter
  • FREE SHIFT allows you to select the optimal gear while coasting into switchbacks or dynamic terrain changes, so you're always ready to charge with better balance and control
  • Durable drive quality and enduring shifting performance
  • Quick and smooth shifting under the heavier torque loads of e-bikes
  • Power directly supplied from main STEPS battery
  • Customize and run diagnostics with E-TUBE PROJECT
  • Low-profile design offers uninterrupted rear shifting on rough terrain
  • Connect directly to STEPS via E-TUBE cable EW-SD300
  • Wide range: 11-50T

11-speed LINKGLIDE Chain


10/11-speed affordable LINKGLIDE chain even compatible with 11-speed HYPERGLIDE

The LINKGLIDE LG500 chain provides smooth and decisive shifting with both 10/11-speed LINKGLIDE and 11-speed HYPERGLIDE drivetrains.



  • Smooth and reliable shift performance
  • LINKGLIDE technology
  • Compatible with LINKGLIDE 10/11-speed and 11-speed HYPEGLIDE drivetrain system

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