Price Match / Price Reduction Requests

Hello -
We understand online shoppers are looking for the "best deal"
We go to great lengths to be competitive including "no sales tax, free shipping, and good closeout deals"
Having said that, it is not our goal to be the lowest cost provider in the marketplace
We do have a price match policy  
To request a lower price please send a request to:
please include a link to the competitor listing

Due to the high volume of price reduction request we are receiving if you don't get a response within 24h please consider your request respectfully declined

Also, you may want to review our pricing FAQ below Price and Pricing FAQ and guidelines:
Our Pricing process:
1) When we set prices on all of our items, we consider many factors including competitors' rates, competitors' sales, as well as the brands' or suppliers' pricing and advertising policies - We are often willing to price match any legitimate know competitors advertised rates - please send us a an email - please include a link to the competitor's listing - 
We have set up our business in the state of Oregon so we do not need to collect sales tax and almost all items include free ground shipping to the lower 48 - We also review prices on a ongoing basis and your welcome to check back
Online shopping:
2) We understand online shoppers get in the mode of just hunting for the lowest price, We would encourage you to consider some intangibles like: accuracy in descriptions, technical support, customer service, speed of fulfillment, sales tax, availability, and shipping costs- Do you get what you pay for?
Closeout deals:
3) We understand when we have a good closeout deal there is an instinct to ask the question "can you go even lower?" - We get the most price reduction requests on our hottest and best selling products - most likely the answer on these products is going to be "no", our best deals are already designed to be competitive on a nationwide basis and are already selling well, and expected to sell out -

If your request is declined - Our intention is to communicate our declination kindly and respectfully and we still sincerely appreciate your interest - If you don't get a response within 24h please consider your request declined