‘s Guide and FAQ to Shimano performance drivetrains

Posted on 26 Dec 17:27 ‘s Simple Guide and FAQ to Shimano performance drivetrains

We get allot of drivetrain questions - this is how we think about the current component landscape - Check it out

Linkglide vs. M8100

Who is M8100 for? - Fast and lightweight - XC/trail/ and even enduro racing where weight savings is important - If this is you, we suggest buy the best 12-speed Shimano drivetrain your budget can afford Deore, SLX, XT, and XTR all fit the bill - We think XT is the sweet spot for performance to value optimization - Got a better mix for the way you ride? Run it!
Who is M8130 Linkglide for? - Built to last - eMTB/ enduro/ or even hardtail and trail builds where durability is important - There is a CUES drivetrain for just about any build or budget but we think M8130 is the sweet spot for performance / durability / value


But “what-a-bout” wireless/electronic? In general our feeling is electronic MTB is still under cooked and too expensive for off-road- (is a $500 rear derailleur really a good idea for off-road?) The competitor’s shift speed is not on par with DI2 and their most expensive drivetrains are really intended for eMTB at the extreme premium end of the market - We would be curious to try an electronic mtb Shimano rear derailleur if shift speed was on par with 12-speed road DI2 - We think Shimano’s single battery strategy is better than multiple proprietary batteries
But “what-a-bout” China-cheap? Aren’t there other drivetrains that are good but cheaper? Perhaps, but we feel Shimano is the right answer to the optimization (balancing) questions - Cheap(value) / Lightweight / Strong (performance) - Choose two
But ”what-a-bout?” even lighter weight? Aren’t there even lighter weight alternatives? Perhaps, but we feel this is still an optimization (balancing) question - also have you checked the weights on XTR M9100?
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