RCYCLD.COM's Performance and Value Build Kits

5 easy steps to your build kit or custom bike order with recycledmountainracing.com

1) Got some ideas for a custom build? Already know exactly what you need? send us your ideas and/or part list for a build quote $

We will give you a "Package Deal" quote usually saving you hundreds $$$

include any questions you have (Yes! we mean anything)

Please include any budget constraints (explain in your own words) We will work with you to get you the BEST deal no matter what your budget is! Be sure to include details like: size and weight information, your riding style, & the type of trails you plan to ride (Yes! We like information!)  

2) We will build you a quote and send it to you within 24hours. We will provide an accurate time frame expectation for build completion and delivery

3) You will have the opportunity to ask more questions, make needed changes, and finalize your build

4) Once you have approved the build, we go to work to get you your new bike or build kit as quickly as possible. 

5) We will follow up with you to make sure the bike or build kit met your high expectations





Have questions? Message us on Facebook or email us at: sales@recycledmountainracing.com