SRAM Eagle DUB 5-piece group boxed set (XX1,X01,GX, NX) **FREE SHIP**

$ 545.00

This listing for one brand new 5-piece groupset

aftermarket packaging - including manuals

full manufacturer warranty


This listing for one brand new 5 -peice mini group:

-1x rear derailleur

-1x cassette

-1x trigger shifter

-1x chain

-1x crankarm set with ring


Please note:

Bottom bracket not included

DUB spindles are 28.99mm and require a DUB bottom bracket

GXP spindles are 24/22mm stepped and require a GXP bottom bracket

GX and X01 cranks include a 32T ring XX1 includes a 34T ring

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Manufacturer Specs:


SRAM Eagle Cranks Comparison

All Eagle cranks now come with their DUB spindle and direct-mount chainrings, which have X-Sync tooth profiles optimized for the 12-speed chain.

  • NX: Forged 6000-series alloy arms with stamped steel chainring
  • GX: Upgrades to lighter 7000-series arms and stamped alloy chainring
  • X01: Upgrades to carbon fiber arms and CNC machined alloy chainrings to save weight and increase stiffness.
  • XX1: Upgrades to hollow carbon fiber arms with one-piece spindle+insert, with additional machining inside spindle and on chainring to save more weight.

SRAM Eagle Derailleur Comparison

All Eagle rear derailleurs work the same way and have their clutch with Cage Lock features. The main differences are in materials used, and the top level derailleurs have tighter tolerances and more precise manufacturing and assembly methods to improve longevity.

  • NX: Standard steel pins riveted into place, stamped steel pulley cage.
  • GX: Upgrades to steel pins with bushings and C-clips for smoother, more durable action.
  • X01: Upgrades to an alloy outer pulley cage and revised parallelogram arms to save weight.
  • XX1: Upgrades to ti bolts, stainless steel pins and a carbon outer pulley cage to save weight.

SRAM Eagle Shifter Comparison

The shifters’ internals are virtually identical across the range, so it’s mainly materials and adjustability improvements as you move up. All are available in eMTB versions with single click downshifts, too.

  • NX: Full plastic construction, but is the lightest shifter with Matchmaker mounts. Also the only shifter offered with standard fixed bar clamp mount.
  • GX: Upgrades to alloy lower body.
  • X01: Upgrades to adjustable thumb shifter lever, letting you adjust the starting position, and an alloy upper cover.
  • XX1: Upgrades to a carbon fiber upper cover, keeps the adjustable thumb lever.

SRAM Eagle Cassette Comparison

The cassettes have the most dramatic differences, using three different construction methods across the four options. All are 12-speed, and the top three require an XD driver body on your rear hub. Only the NX Eagle cassette fits on a standard splined freehub body.

  • NX: Standard stamped steel cogs, and other than the three-cog cluster at the top, each are individual pieces with plastic spacers between them, offering 11-50 range.
  • GX: Upgrades to a one-piece construction with all cogs pinned together, and increases to 10-50 range.
  • X01: Upgrades to a one-piece hollow machined steel main cluster with alloy 50-tooth cog pressed onto the back. Premium black ano coating to reduce friction and increase durability.
  • XX1: Same construction as X01 cassette, upgrades to PVD gold Ti-Nitride-like coating to improve corrosion resistance and durability.

SRAM Eagle Chain Comparison

If you’re looking to get the biggest durability bang for your buck, look to the chains. SRAM’s product managers told us the difference from NX up to X01/XX1 chains can be 2x the lifespan. Not just total lifespan, but the performance will be better for longer throughout that lifespan, too. All Eagle chains use their Flow Link construction to remove sharp edges from the inside of the plates, making shifting smooth and quiet in both directions, and they all come with their Eagle-specific Power Link quick connect.

  • NX: Standard steel plates and solid pins.
  • GX: Upgrades to chrome treatment on the pins to increase strength. I misspoke in the video, this chain still has solid pins…not hollow ones.
  • X01: Upgrades to Hard Chrome plate and pin treatment to drastically increase total strength and reduce the wear that’s typically considered “chain stretch”, and gets hollow pins to save weight. Black Ti-Nitride treatment reduces friction and helps prevent corrosion.
  • XX1: Upgrades to a slightly more corrosion resistant gold treatment, otherwise exactly the same as X01 chain.

SRAM Eagle Group Weight Comparison

NX Eagle

GX Eagle

X01 Eagle

XX1 Eagle*






Rear Derailleur










Trigger Shifter



















*All groups are weighed with stock 32-tooth chainrings and DUB cranksets except XX1 Eagle, which is weighed with the original non-DUB 30mm spindle version.

SRAM Eagle Price Comparison

NX Eagle

GX Eagle

X01 Eagle

XX1 Eagle*































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