SQLabs 611 Active Ti saddle (width options)

$ 179.00

SQLabs 611 Active saddle

This listing is for a 1 brand saddle

aftermarket packaging

full manufacturer warranty

SQlab sets the bar for performance MTB saddles with the NEW 611 Active MTB Titube. The 611 MTB offers increased performance and comfort with it's exclusive Active and Stepped designs, and longer profile in a bombproof package utilizing SQlab K18 cover material and Kevlar around the back and nose for abrasion resistance.

The SQlab 611 Active saddles come in multiple widths from 13cm to 15cm depending on your sitbone width and riding position which you can determine through the SQlab Fit System.

The stepped design of SQlab saddles distributes body weight in the right places, mainly the sitbones, while reducing pressure on soft tissue in the perineum area. The MaxContact technology, with optimal saddle nose design, offers a maximum contact area while not inhibiting pedaling efficiency.

If saddle pain and discomfort is limiting your riding time or even making it less enjoyable you owe it to yourself to check out the SQlab saddles. SQlab offers a unique, simple, and effective system which measures the riders sitbones for a perfect fit in just a few minutes. Riding a poorly fit saddle is a pain in the you-know-what, which is why SQlab makes ergonomically designed saddles in multiple widths.

Watch the Home Fit Kit Video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIiXHq-Z5_c

611 Active Features

Design: SQlab Stepped and Active Designs

Range of use:  Racing, training, touring

Saddle width: (effec. usable) 13cm 14cm 15cm

Length: 302mm

Weight: 289g 295g 304g

Rails: TiTube

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