Spank OOZY pedals BLUE 9/16” pinned cartridge bearing alloy mountain

$ 129.00

Spank OOZY pedals BLUE 9/16” pinned cartridge bearing alloy mountain

Spank OOZY flat pedal 9/16” pinned cartridge bearing new freeride enduro dirt

Brand new pedal in aftermarket packing - full manufacturer warranty

pins need installation
(includes allen wrench)

From Manufacturer:


  • *12mm Thin - Massive 11x11cm Platform

  • *360g per pair (with full pin compliment)

  • *Cold Forged Alloy Pedal Body

  • *Hollow Taper Scandium Enriched Steel Axle

  • *Chamfered Leading Edges for Improved Clearance and Reduced Impact Forces

  • *Chamfered Side Edges for Improved Cornering Clearance

  • *Oversized Sealed Full Compliment Inboard Industrial Bearing

  • *Sealed Outboard IGUS Bushing

  • *18 Adjustable Pins per Pedal

  • *New CNC Optimized, Full Sized Hex Head, Rear Loading Pins Improve Durability and Maintenence

  • *Inboard Friction Seal Prevents Contamination and Reduces Unwanted Pedal Spin

  • *Color: Emerald Green / Silver / Black / Race Blue / Race Red

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