Park HTR-1B HD Tube Reaming & Facing Set

$ 499.00

Park HTR-1B HD Tube Reaming & Facing Set

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Manufacturer Specs


Proper frame preparation is very important. The HTR-1B combines reaming and facing for both head tube and unthreaded bottom bracket shells.


  • Quick-release, quick-adjust feature: bottom portion slides off and on easily without threading

  • Optional accessories include over 20 different reamers and facers for numerous headset and bottom bracket standards


  • 33.9mm reamer (part #754.2) for 1⅛" headset standard

  • 5mm facer (part #690)

  • Four different-sized pilots:

    • 29.8mm (part #762)

    • 30.0mm (part #763)

    • 33.8mm (part #765)

    • 36.8mm (part #766)

SHIS terminology: The stock HTR-1B will face EC29, EC30, EC34 and EC37 frames. It will ream EC34 frames. Accessories will allow service in other standards.

NOTE: For sharpening services of cutting tools see Park Tool Sharpening Services. Always use cutting fluid such as Park Tool CF-2 when machining.

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