Hope Tech Pick’n’Mix Headsets (color and size options) NEW!

$ 109.00

Hope headset (size and color options) cartridge bearings

This listings is for one brand new headset

please pay close attention to all of the options

Hope Tech Pick’n’Mix Headsets (color and size options)

This listing for one brand new headset

aftermarket packaging - including manuals

full manufacturer warranty



#1: EC34/28.6 = 1-⅛” traditional

#2: ZS44/28.6 = 1-⅛” integral  

#3: IS41/28.6 = 1-⅛” integrated

#4: ZS49/28.6 = 1-⅛” integral

#6: EC49/38.1 1.5” traditional



A: EC34/30 = 1-⅛” traditional

B: ZS44/30 =  1-⅛” integral

C: IS41/30 = 1-⅛” integrated

D: ZS49/30 = 1-⅛” integral

E: ZS45/40 = 1.5” integral

F: EC49/40 = 1.5” traditional

G: ZS55/40 = 1.5” integral

H: EC44/40 = 1.5” traditional



EC = external cup 

ZS = zero stack 

IS = integrated (bearings ride on frame head tube shelf)


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Manufacturer Specs

Headsets can be a minefield. Don't panic! With our pick n mix range you can choose the top and bottom cups separately , covering you for almost every headset combination out there.

Key Features

  • Replaceable stainless steel bearings (resist corrosion)
  • Split crown race for easy installation and removal
  • Wide selection of different cup sizes to fit most headset combinations
  • Multiple seals to keep out the elements
  • Available in black, silver, blue, red, purple and orange


Pick n Mix Headsets Tech Specs >
  • Top and bottom cups are available separately allowing our headsets to fit almost any frame and fork combination
  • Headset cups use custom made, replaceable stainless steel bearings to resist corrosion
  • The cups are all machined from 2014 T6 aluminium
  • Sealing is achieved through an adjustable taper ring cover and integrated rubber seal
  • Available in black, silver, red, blue, purple and orange

Stack Heights for each cup are:

  • CUP A = 14MM
  • CUP E = 6MM
  • CUP F = 14MM
  • CUP H = 14MM
  • CUP 1 = 17MM (INC 3 SHIMS)
  • CUP 2 = 8MM (INC 3 SHIMS)
  • CUP 7= 8.5MM (No SHIMS)

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