Cane Creek Dialed rear shock tuning app for smart phones **FREE DOWNLOAD**

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We think the Cane Creek app is the closest thing to data acquisition tuning in setup of your rear shock - This quantitative and qualitative app will support setting a base tune as well as troubleshooting any unwanted characteristics for your specific shock and frame-

All three of our current sale closeout shocks work with this app:


Double Barrel Coil

Double Barrel Air

Inline Air


Cane Creek's "Dailed" app for smart phones

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Android App **FREE DOWNLOAD**:



Manufacturer Specs

Turn your smart phone into a suspension expert with DIALED and quickly set up your Cane Creek Double Barrel® rear shock for an optimal riding experience.

Designed for entry-level riders up to advanced suspension wizards, DIALED gives you the option to either walk through the steps of a full tuning session or enter your established custom tune and tweak it to perfection. Explore the effects of each adjustment to get the most out of your bike based on your individual preferences. It’s like having a personal suspension guru in your pocket.

With this app you can:

+Quickly enter bike details using our streamlined user interface.

+Access Cane Creek suspension database to get factory settings & base tunes.

+Interactively learn the steps of suspension tuning.

+Get adjustment recommendations on the trail based upon your feedback.

+Store all of your set up details and trail notes in one place.

+Watch Cane Creek suspension education videos.

+Social sharing and translations coming in a later version.  




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