2021 Öhlins TTX1Air metricl rear shock (Specialized)

$ 780.00

This listing is for:

1x Specialized fit rear shock


1x top fittings  

Mounting hardware AM 6/20



This listing is for one brand new rear shock - (does not include fittings or coil spring)

*****Please note spring is pictured but sold separately*****

an extra set of fittings is $29 - 

Öhlins super light steel springs are $99

Please message us if you need a new set of fittings or spring and we will work with you determine correct sizing and rate

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aftermarket packaging - including manuals

full manufacturer warranty

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Manufacturer Specs:


A high performance, robust air-sprung shock; the TTX1Air offers the same performance as our TTX2Air but in a more compact single can package; for bikes with a more linear shock curve with less need for bigger air volume and a lower level of progressivity. The TTX1Air also features a new slimmer fit end-eye design to fit more frame designs. The TTX1Air’s compact design weighs 60-80 grams less than the TTX2Air. A specific wiper seal and air sleeve lubrication reduces friction and delivers consistent performance between service intervals, Öhlins have also increased the maximum air pressure to handle a wider range of riders and e-MTB requirements.


The TTX1Air combines the superior damping function of the TTX system together with a new air spring design; delivering both improved performance as well as strength. Öhlins brought the TTX concept into the MTB market and the technology set a new standard in damping function. TTX-technology adjusts the pressure area on the shims instead of increasing preload, allowing more damping adjustment for added control; without resulting in an unwanted harsh ride feel.


The TTX1Air improves on an already proven package in terms of damping performance and making personalised tuning simple. The metric system design has also allowed an increased bushing overlap, delivering a robust design with improved side load management. A versatile and ideal choice from more linear trail bikes through to eMTB applications, especially for riders who are looking for a lighter or slimmer shock and also seek the possibility to tune it to their bike and riding style.



To keep a high level of suspension performance it is important to follow the service intervals. The 100-hour air spring service can be performed by following our workshop manual and instruction video. You can also have it serviced at an authorized Öhlins Service center.


TTX highly adjustable compression valve technology
Single can design optimized for linear linkage designs and tighter fitment space
Compact end eye design allows fitment to a broader range of frame designs
Adjustable HSC (High-Speed Compression), LSC (Low-Speed Compression) and Rebound damping
Climb mode
Race proven setting bank, to suit any type of riding or linkage design
Air spring volume spacers included as standard in the shock kit
Available in standard Metric lengths
Maximum air pressure up to 300 PSI
Delivered with the longest stroke and parts to change stroke in the box
390 grams (190x45mm)







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