About KTM Bike Industries


In 1934, 25-year-old Hans Trunkenpolz opened a small shop and began to sell DKW-motorcycles. As the demand for repairs started descending, he began to build light motorcycles. The venture was later supported by Ernst Kronreif. This cooperation is the reason for KTM’s name: K and T from the founder’s names, and M for Mattighofen, the site of the company.

In 1964, the first KTM bike was born, it was the birth of today’s KTM Fahrrad GmbH, internationally known as KTM Bike Industries.

Just like our first bikes in 1964, KTM is proud to label the bikes that we make today “Made in Austria”. This mark doesn’t only describe the location of our factory and headquarters, but represents a mark of pride in delivering Austrian made products that are fueled with cutting edge design and manufacturing.

Through the 70's and 80's KTM saw continued success and growth, including the sponsorship of Walter Obersberger from Braunau (Austria) who won multiple national championships & competed in several world championship events.

In 1989, KTM set a major milestone in the production of it's millionth bike, and today we continue to produce roughly 200,000 bikes per year, despite a restructuring in 2001 that saw the separation of KTM's business units.

As of 2015, more than 300 employees are working in our offices and factory in Mattighofen, a small town in upper Austria between Salzburg and Braunau, and the company is turning over nearly €120 M annually.