Banshee bikes is super stoked to be a Banshee bikes dealer. 

We remember in the early 2000's when free-ride bikes first became popular. Banshee bikes was at the forefront of the original Canadian North Shore free-ride movement. The Banshee bikes of that era were super burly frames intended for punishment. Many riders remember the Scream full suspension model or the Morphine hardtail. From the beginning Banshee bikes had an eye to balancing performance, adjustability, affordability, and strength. Banshee's thesis about what makes a great mountain bike continues. The brand that has balanced their core values and added weight savings to their thinking to form one of the most authentic and performance oriented mountain bike brands on the dirt. Please check out these great bikes and frames.

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What to expect when you order a complete bike from

We assemble and tune the bicycle from the factory

We make a brief test ride on pavement to verify proper functioning

We then remove fork, front wheel, and bar/stem to repackage in a heavy duty cardboard bicycle box

We ship using FedEx Ground service and we email you the tracking info upon shipment

When your bicycle arrives a small amount of assembly will be required:

You will need a 4,5,6 mm allen wrenches, 9/16” pedal wrench, and air-pumps to inflate tires and suspension to proper levels.



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